Lime juice recipe | quick and refreshing whole lime juice recipe

Lime juice recipe | quick and refreshing whole lime juice recipe – very refreshing, quick and delicious drink made with whole deseeded ripe lime, blended together with sugar, pinch of salt and ice cubes.

My vacation in India this year had been very fruitful for my mind as well as my blog. I came across variety of homemade recipes which I had completely forgotten. And was in awe when my siblings introduced me to completely new ones.

One such recipe is this quick whole lime juice recipe. Yes!!! as in whole lime juice.
We are all very familiar with the lemonade we prepare by squeezing the lime. But I never trusted this recipe until my brother handed me glass of this juice. It’s just so refreshing and tasty when I was expecting it to be bitter with a strong acidic flavour.¬† When I asked him how he came across this recipe, he told me it is how they served it in one of the famous juice point of Mangalore.

whole lime juice recipeAll this recipe calls for is fresh juicy ripe lime. I tried this recipe with indian lime so I am not sure how it tastes with lemon or brazilian seedless lime. One thing about this recipe is it must be served and consumed as and when prepared, as it turns bitter with time.

Try this all refreshing whole lime juice recipe and quench your thirst. Do try our konkan region favourite kokam/ punarpuli juice recipe. Cheers!!!

Lime juice recipe | quick and refreshing whole lime juice recipe

Serves : 3 people
Preparation time : 10 mins
1 fresh juicy ripe lime (indian)
2 cups water
1 cup ice cubes
3 tbsp sugar ( adjust per taste)
pinch of salt
Step by step method

1. Wash lime and wipe in clean kitchen towel. Deseed, and cut it into small pieces. Make sure no seeds are left out. If you blend together with seed, juice turns out bitter.

2. Move lime pieces together with sugar and pinch of salt to blender/ grinder.

3. Pulse it 2-3 times till lime cuts are torn to small pieces and all juice are released.

4. Add water and ice cubes. Pulse again 2-3 times.

5. Filter, and serve it chilled. It must be consumed immediately as it will turn bitter with time.whole lime juice recipe

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