Amritsari macchi recipe | fish amritsari recipe

amritsari macchiAmritsari macchi recipe | fish amritsari recipe – a deep fried starter fish delicacy from Amritsar, where fish is marinated with spices, and coated with thick batter of gram flour/ besan and then deep fried.

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Chicken 65 recipe | how to make chicken 65

chicken 65 recipeChicken 65 recipe – a south indian vibrant recipe with, deep fried chicken chunks tempered with curry leaves and spices.

As we were deciding lunch menu for our friends visiting us, chicken 65 was chosen as starter by husband. I happily agreed as I had prepared this dish number of times and always received bunch of praises in return. Continue reading

Mosaranna recipe | Curd rice recipe | Yogurt rice recipe

mosaranna recipeMosaranna recipe | curd rice recipe, a south indian favourite, is a simple food prepared with rice and curd (yogurt) as main ingredients. This mosaranna, as it is popular in Karnataka ,where mosaru means curd and anna means rice, is always welcome at home as it is one of our comfort food. Continue reading

Goli baje recipe | Mangalore bajji recipe

goli bajeToday I’m posting a favourite snack recipe of mine goli baje recipe. As we land Mangalore , the first thing my husband would do is to stop the car near some local restaurant and buy goli baje and snack it, he likes it so much. And trust me no diet plans would keep myself too away from this mouth watering snack. So I learnt to prepare this goli baje recipe from my mom-in -law. It is one of the favourite snack of all south canarites. It is also popularly known as Mangalore bajji in Karnataka and is served through out the area hotels during evening tea time.
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Chicken ghee roast recipe | Easy mangalore chicken ghee roast

chicken ghee roast recipeMangalore region has been famous for its chicken recipes and distinct taste, and this chicken ghee roast recipe is one of the must try in them. Every time I travel to Mangalore, I always take some spare time of my busy schedule to eat chicken ghee roast in my favorite restaurant.  Even though restaurants in Dubai do serve good chicken ghee roast but I do miss my favorite flavor in it. Continue reading