Muskmelon milkshake recipe | karbuja milkshake recipe

muskmelon milkshakeMuskmelon milkshake recipe | karbuja milkshake recipe – a milkshake recipe with fresh melon and flavoured with cardamom powder.

muskmelon milkshakeMuskmelon is a species of melon with orange-yellow flesh and a bit hard skin. There are other species of melon, with soft skin like sweet melon.

I still remember the heavy scent my house would fill with, by the melons which were locally grown, when they would ripe. Once completely ripe, they would open up all by themselves and release sweet fragrance. Dad would bring these locally grown melon during summer, which mum would turn to sweet milkshake.

In Dubai, we find different varieties of melons from all over the world. And being a melon lover, I’ve tried most of them. But i do miss locally grown sweet scented melons of my hometown.

And now since temperature is rising in Dubai, and its getting more hot, my appetite seems to be shifted to liquid diet. Buttermilk, curd,  custard, milkshake being my daily supplies. This muskmelon milkshake recipe is an excellent option to quench my thirst too. Cheers!!!

Muskmelon milkshake recipe | karbuja milkshake recipe

Serves : 2 people
Preparation time : 10 mins

2 cups of muskmelon, roughly cut
250 ml full fat milk
2 cardamom husked & powdered
2 tsp sugar (optional)
Step by step method

1. Wash muskmelon and wipe it with clean kitchen towel. Cut the fruit to halves. Remove the seeds from center.  You can scoop the flesh, or peel the skin and cut the fruit roughly as much as needed. Remaining fruit can be refrigerated for later use.
2. Take muskmelon along with milk, sugar and cardamom powder in blender/ grinder.
3. Blend it to smooth milkshake.

1. Adding sugar is optional.
2. Add ice cubes together with milk for chilled milkshake.
3. Instead of full fat milk, you can even use skimmed milk and skip sugar too.muskmelon milkshake

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