Potato carrot stir fry recipe | how to make carrot-potato fry

potato carrot stir fryPotato carrot stir fry recipe – easy stir fry recipe flavoured with spices. Continue reading

Padengi gassi recipe | sprouted green gram curry recipe

padengi gassiPadengi gassi recipe | sprouted green gram curry recipe – rich mangalorean coconut gravy recipe, prepared with aromatic roasted spices, coconut and sprouted green gram. Continue reading

Sprouted green gram usli | hesaru kaalu usli recipe

hesaru kaalu usliSprouted green gram usli | hesaru kaalu usli recipe – a hearty breakfast  quick recipe, where sprouted green gram is sauteed with fresh grated coconut and is tempered with spices. Continue reading

Kadale manoli sukka recipe | kadale manoli recipe

kadale manoli sukka recipeKadale manoli sukka recipe – black chickpeas and ivy gourd sukka recipe, is a must have dish in Mangalore- Udupi vegetarian platter. Black chickpeas and ivy gourd are star ingredients of this recipe which is cooked together with coastal favourite grated coconut and other dry spices. Continue reading

Avial recipe | how to make avial recipe

avial recipeAvial recipe – a mixed vegetable recipe, where vegetables are cooked with cumin – coconut paste, and later seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves, a must recipe in sadya, keralite vegetarian feast.

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Spinach chutney recipe | palak chutney recipe with coconut

palak chutney recipePalak chutney recipe with coconut | spinach chutney recipe – tasty and easy chutney with healthy palak /spinach as main ingredient ground together with coconut and tempered with coastal touch.

Palak chutney recipe with coconut, I know it does not sound appealing. I had the same reaction when when my MIL asked me to try this chutney recipe. Continue reading

Kala chana chaat recipe | black chickpeas chaat recipe

kala chana chaat recipeKala chana chaat recipe – a spicy – tangy street food recipe, with power packed boiled back chickpeas mixed with onions, tomatoes, lime juice and spices. Continue reading

Hummus recipe | how to make hummus

hummus recipeHummus recipe – a middle eastern nutty dip or a smooth spread from cooked chickpeas, which is blended to smooth paste together with tahini, garlic cloves and lemon juice.

Its been nearly 2 years now, since we moved to Dubai, and we have blended so well in the colours of this city of dreams and also in the flavours of this flavourful city. Dubai is one of the world’s most exciting dining destinations, with huge collection of multicultural cuisine. From rustic to fine dining, you are left with plenty of choices here. Continue reading

Coconut curry leaves chutney recipe | coconut kadi patta chutney

coconut curry leaves chutneyCoconut curry leaves chutney recipe | coconut kadi patta chutney – slight dry chutney recipe with fresh grated coconut and fresh curry leaves which goes very well with dosa, and rice.

Mom prepares different chutney recipes back home. Though for dosas it would be coconut chutney, red peanut chutney or tomato chutney, but she prepare variety of chutneys as a side with rice. Continue reading

Tomato rice recipe | tomato bhath recipe

tomato rice recipeTomato rice recipe – a slight tangy-spicy, dal tempered quick rice recipe prepared from sauteed tomatoes. This south indian style recipe is a tasty and quick lunch box option. It is also famous as tomato bhath recipe.

During this week grocery shopping, I found delicious looking locally grown tomatoes and bonus was, low price when compared with usual price. So I bagged some  extra kilos of tomato for juice, salsa and also was temped to cook tomato rice, which mum used to prepare for our lunch box.

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