Amritsari macchi recipe | fish amritsari recipe

amritsari macchiAmritsari macchi recipe | fish amritsari recipe – a deep fried starter fish delicacy from Amritsar, where fish is marinated with spices, and coated with thick batter of gram flour/ besan and then deep fried.

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Goan mackerel cutlet recipe | bangda cutlet

mackerel cutletGoan mackerel cutlet recipe | bangda cutlet recipe – an easy goan style starter recipe where patties prepared with mackerel, onions and spices is coated with rava/ semolina and pan fried to obtain crunchy outer texture. Continue reading

Lady fish fry recipe | kane rava fry recipe

lady fish fryLady fish fry recipe | kane rava fry recipe – tasty shallow fried fried fish, marinated with spices and coated with semolina (rava) is a Mangalorean delicacy and a must try recipe. Continue reading

Anjal rava fry recipe | King fish rava fry recipe

anjal rava fry recipe

Anjal rava fry recipe | king fish rava fry, a mouth watering fried fish delicacy from konkan region. It is also famous as seer fish rava fry / surmai rava fry recipe.

As we had long weekend, we enjoyed at home feasting , delicious food prepared at home. We brought world cuisine together into our table, may it be an aromatic thai tom yum soup, Italian pasta in white sauce or simple grilled chicken. But also prepared hometown delicacies like prawn sukka, goli baje and also this anjal rava fry recipe. We did not think of dining out this time as we usually dine out a day in our weekend. Continue reading

Prawn sukka recipe | Yeti sukka recipe

prawn sukka recipePrawn sukka recipe | yeti sukka recipe an easy mangalorean recipe with minimum cook time but with great taste.

Mangalore, being a coastal region, has seafood in large influence over the cuisine. And no doubt seafood is all mangaloreans favourite. Mangalore is famous for its unique flavours and for its seafood recipes. Continue reading

Chilli prawns recipe,how to make chilli prawns

chilli prawnsChilli prawns is a recipe which I prepare when we feel like having some indo chinese food at home.Seafood have always been favourite in my family. And among them prawns are the ones which we love the most either in biryani or as prawns fry and even in curry. Continue reading

Bangude pulimunchi recipe | spicy mackrel gravy recipe

bangude pulimunchiSeafood have always been a important part in Mangalorean cuisine. And bangude pulimunchi is one such famous fish dish in Mangalore cuisine.Bangude ghassi is yet another famous recipe but is prepared with coconut where as pulimunchi is prepared without it.  Continue reading