Lime juice recipe | quick and refreshing whole lime juice recipe

Lime juice recipe | quick and refreshing whole lime juice recipe – very refreshing, quick and delicious drink made with whole deseeded ripe lime, blended together with sugar, pinch of salt and ice cubes. Continue reading

Muskmelon milkshake recipe | karbuja milkshake recipe

muskmelon milkshakeMuskmelon milkshake recipe | karbuja milkshake recipe – a milkshake recipe with fresh melon and flavoured with cardamom powder. Continue reading

Strawberry milkshake recipe | easy strawberry milkshake

strawberry milkshake recipeStrawberry milkshake recipe  – an easy quick drink with strawberries and milk blended together.

Visit to a wholesale market in outskirt of Dubai  was planned this weekend. Even though we had never been to the market before, nor we knew the roads leading us there, Continue reading

Jeera milk recipe | jeerige kashaya recipe

jeera milkJeera milk recipe – a hot traditional healthy drink, which reduces body heat and keeps it cool. It is called jeerige kashaya in tulu and Kannada, where jeerige/jeera means cumin seeds.

We have very cool weather now in Dubai.  And it has been routine to go out for long drives and going for long walk, shivering even with our jackets on. And to stop by to snack on some hot pakodas together with hot tea/coffee in food joints late nite with friends. Than sipping hot tea/coffee in balcony every evening, I thought why not to try our good old jeera tea/ jeera milk today. Continue reading

Kokam sharbat or Punarpuli juice recipe

Kokam sharbat or Punarpuli juiceKokam sharbat or Punarpuli juice is prepared from kokam ,a tangy fruit.It is used widely in Konkan belt for preparing refreshing drinks & in curries. It is commonly known as kokam in Goa & Maharashtra,& as punarpuli in Mangalore. Continue reading