Sprouted green gram usli | hesaru kaalu usli recipe

hesaru kaalu usliSprouted green gram usli | hesaru kaalu usli recipe – a hearty breakfast  quick recipe, where sprouted green gram is sauteed with fresh grated coconut and is tempered with spices. Continue reading

Kesari bhath recipe | rava kesari recipe

kesari bhath recipeKesari bhath recipe | rava kesari recipe – a fragrant dessert prepared with semolina (rava), ghee, saffron strands and dry fruits. This recipe originated from Karnataka and derived its name from its colour, where kesari means orange colour. Continue reading

Anda bhurji recipe | spicy egg bhurji recipe

anda bhurji recipeAnda bhurji recipe | spicy egg bhurji recipe – Indian scrambled eggs with tomatoes, green chili, ginger, coriander leaves and spices. A healthy and easy food which can be prepared in a jiffy.

As sun goes down, hawkers pull their portable food stalls by side of the streets and engage themselves in chopping onions, tomatoes, vegetables, boiling eggs or  just heating the oil, to be all set to commence their evening business. Continue reading

Poha recipe | kanda poha recipe, how to make kanda poha

kanda poha recipeKanda poha recipe | poha recipe – tasty maharastrian breakfast or tea time snack prepared from poha which means flattened rice or beaten rice with onion, green chilies and garnished with coriander leaves.

Kanda poha recipe which means kanda = onion and poha = flatten rice is a quick breakfast recipe which can be prepared under 15 mins. So this is my regular breakfast option which I prepare weekdays. At home we all love poha, and we do prepare sweet poha, kara poha, batata poha for our breakfast. Continue reading

Sweet poha recipe | Sihi avalakki recipe

sweet poha

Today, I’m posting simple yet tasty mangalorean style sweet poha recipe. This is also known as sihi avalakkai in kannada.

Deepavali means festival of lights, and it is a festival symbolizing the victory of good over evil. And I would say it is not only festival of lights, but also festival of sweets. During deepavali, house is cleaned such that it will shine, and decorated with mango leaves and marigold thorans, utensils are cleaned till shined and decorated for the holy bath in the morning. After bath and pooja , sweet poha is served for breakfast. Continue reading

Sajjige rotti recipe | Rava rotti recipe

sajjige rotti recipe

Breakfast is a important meal of the day which should not be skipped. My mum used to prepare a variety of breakfast for us. Sajjige rotti recipe is one among my favourite breakfast recipes. Mom would make sure that we would not skip breakfast and would prepare different recipes daily. Continue reading