Avial recipe | how to make avial recipe

avial recipeAvial recipe – a mixed vegetable recipe, where vegetables are cooked with cumin – coconut paste, and later seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves, a must recipe in sadya, keralite vegetarian feast.

Since it’s been a month I had posted in my food tales, I made sure that I will post this weekend. And this avial recipe is the one which flashed, which is very easy to cook and tasty too.

I was introduced to this recipe by my keralite colleague. Now a bowl of avial has been my comfort food.

Almost all vegetables goes well with avial recipe, but in traditional keral style recipe yam and plantain is the must. I’ve used colocasia, plantain, french beans, carrot, drumstick, brinjal, ash gourd in this recipe. Snake gourd, ivy gourd also goes well in this recipe.

Enjoy avial with piping hot steamed rice, it goes well with chapati too.

Avial recipe | how to make avial

Serves : 5-6 people
Preparation time : 15 mins
Cook time: 20 mins


1 cup fresh grated coconut
1 1/2 cup ash gourd (cut length wise)
1/2 cup colacasia (cut length wise)
1/2 cup drumstick (cut length wise)
1/2 cup brinjal (cut length wise)
1/2 cup plantain (cut length wise)
1/4 cup french beans (cut length wise)
1/4 carrot (cut length wise)
1 medium size tomato,chopped
3-4 green chili ( adjust to taste)
3-4 shallots/pearl onion
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 spring curry leaves
1-2 tbsp coconut oil
salt to taste

Step by step method

1.  Wash all the vegetables and wipe it with clean kitchen towel. Cut all the vegetable lengthwise.IMG_7416
2.  In a cooking pot take all the vegetables except ash gourd and brinjal, together with tomato,green chili, turmeric powder, salt and curry leaves. Add 1/2 cup of water and cook it medium flame.IMG_7422
3.  After 5 mins add ash gourd and brinjal, as it takes less time than other veggies to cook. Do not over cook veggies, they should not be mushy and should retain their shape.IMG_7426
4. Meanwhile take grated coconut, cumin seeds and shallot in mixer-grinder.IMG_7424
5. Grind it to coarse paste. While grinding add little water if you like semi dry recipe. If you like dry version , then do not add water. I added little water.IMG_7431
6. Once the vegetables are cooked, add ground paste and simmer it for 5 mins.IMG_7440
7. Drizzle coconut oil and add curry leaves at the top.IMG_7441



1. Cut vegetable length wise chunks, as they should remain as whole in this recipe.
2. If you do not want to add tomatoes, you can add curd at the end.avial recipe

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