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Thank you for dropping by My Food Tales.

I’m Chaitra, the face behind My food Tales, recipe developer, writer, photographer of this website. I was born and brought up in beautiful coastal town Mangalore. After marriage, I moved to Singapore and we lived there for 2.5 years and now we have relocated to Dubai. I’m a full time IT professional, a part time blogger, photographer in a very early beginning stage who experiments with canon 650D DSLR camera, nature lover, balcony gardener, traveler, reader, enjoying life at its fullest. For now this is what I can say about myself!!!

Being a foodie, I always wanted to try different recipes which would land me in different blogs online. Looking at them I always felt, I should also have a tiny online space to document all my recipes which lead me to  My Food Tales.

The recipes in my blog are authentic Mangalorean recipes, which are passed down to me by my mum, mum-in-law, my relatives and friends. You can find me posting goan recipes, as my in laws are settled in serene Goa for past 35 years and have embraced goan cooking, which now I learn from my mum-in-law.

All images and text in this blog are copyrighted and please ask me if you need to reuse them.

I love hearing from you all. Your emails and comments on the blog posts will motivate me to do better. Please feel free to email me at c.myfoodtales@gmail.com for any queries.